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Using a content management system (CMS) makes it easy for you to make changes on your web site. As simple as using MS Word! I always advise my clients the advantages and capabilities of modifying web pages using a CMS.

Imagine, there’s a change in name of a contact person on your website. Will you want to call an agency to make a simple name change? Going through the red tape, the extra charges incurred? Then, if it gets done in a week, the agency states that’s the approximate time frame? With a CMS you can make the change yourself, anyone in your organization can. It’s a matter of simply logging into a secure area, selecting the page to edit, making the edit and saving. As simple as a Word Doc. And it only took 30 seconds without a fee.

I will develop a CMS entirely that fits your or your organizations needs. Aesthetically sound with your custom design and logo. The pages will be complete and have the content already in place as the project is finalized. Currently I develop for Dotnetnuke, WordPress or Joomla platforms. I can host any of the CMS’s on my server and still offer the one year free hosting.

There would be no service agreements to make updates on your web pages. I will instruct you and offer guidance to use the CMS. After 10 minutes you will see how easy it is to use and thank me in the long run. For more information or questions please contact me at 772-617-4933 or go to my contact page.

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